iOS v15.5

Find out what's new in the latest version of iLivestock iOS!

Version 15.5

What's New?

  • The iLivestock Button
  • Upgraded eWeigh workflow
  • User interface improvements
  • Group screen refreshed with 'Scope' buttons
  • Placement of Filters
  • CSV importing - can now import birth weight (South Africa)
  • CSV importing - can now import TruTest weight file
  • Added birth weight to graph view
  • Lamb default holding location will now be set to match Dam
  • If an update is available, you'll now be notified via an in app popup - follow the pop up to go to the app store and update to the latest version of iLivestock!
  • Entering service code will navigate straight to 'Data Sharing' to confirm Master/Slave status


  • Unable to delete a non primary holding
  • Issues with graph viewing
  • BCMS Movement issue
  • Get Help/User support emails using Gmail formatting issues
  • Unable to scan EID tag to link with a sheep visual ID record
  • Minor UI issues for users with smaller iPhones
  • Pocket Guard will only show if EID reader is connected

The iLivestock Button

The table below shows where you'll see the iLivestock button and what you can do with it.


Animal Stock List Add Animal / Select All
View Animal Animal Details (edit) / Actions
Groups Edit Groups List / Add Cattle or Sheep Group
eWeigh View Animal / Add New Cattle or Sheep
Manage Holdings / Vehicles / Staff Add New / Edit

eWeigh Upgrades

Note: We've combined eWeigh workflows. If you're scanning while weighing or using manual - it's now all in the one place!

  • For manual: Use the search bar at the top of the app to select the animal you wish to weigh
  • Using EID reader: Weigh your animal and scan the tag. Even more efficient with auto recording!
  • The app will now display Visual ID and EID number
  • Use the iLivestock head to view the selected/scanned animal, or use it to add a new animal record
  • If weighing and the weight drastically changes (+/- 20%), hit the new flashing 'Reweigh' button

Group Screen Changes

We've tidied up our group screen to match our new animal card view, sorting the 4 different types of groups in to their own filters

  1. Permanent for animal species groups that cannot be edited
  2. Sheep - For user created sheep groups
  3. Cattle - For user created cattle groups
  4. Auto - iLivestock created groups

Tip: Swipe animals to the right to perform a quick action, or left to delete!


Placement of Filters

We've changed the placement of the Filters feature, you can now find filters on the animal stock list. Just press the filter icon at the top right hand side and you'll see all available filter options!

Filters gif