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eWeigh not connecting

Having troubles connecting eWeigh to iLivestock iOS/Android?

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If you're having issues getting your eWeigh to connect to iLivestock, whether it be iOS or Android, have a look at the below ↓

  • Check Bluetooth permissions:
    • iOS: Settings > Scroll down until you see iLivestock > Check Bluetooth enabled
    • Android (will differ depending on device): Settings > Apps > Find iLivestock > Permissions > Check Location/Bluetooth enabled
  • Ensure eWeigh is not already connected to another device/instance of iLivestock
  • iOS only: Try the 'Scan BLE' button in Admin > EID Readers > 'Scan BLE'
  • Switch eWeigh off and quit iLivestock, try powering up and pairing again

Caution: Do not try to pair your eWeigh with your device's Bluetooth feature!

If you have tried to pair this way, simply remove eWeigh from the list of paired devices in your device Bluetooth settings!

If you have a Ritchie or Tal Tec setup, try the below ↓

  1. Turn on eweigh
  2. Start up the app
  3. Scan BLE (Admin > EID Readers > Scan BLE) and make sure the eWeigh is connected to the app.
  4. Once eWeigh is connected and registered to iLivestock, connect your bars
  5. Continue on with the eWeigh setup/preferences page