iOS: Allflex RS420 Bluetooth Pairing

How to pair the RS420 stick reader


If you're using the Allflex RS420 stick reader, you'll need to pair it to your phone via standard Bluetooth

  1. Enable Bluetooth on your device
  2. Search for new devices on your RS420 and select your device name
  3. Confirm the pairing request on your device (it might come up 'Unsuccessful' like in our demo, just press the RS420 device name on the phone/iPad to successfully pair!)
  4. When you start up iLivestock, the top bar will be blue to confirm you have the stick reader connected successfully, and you'll be able to scan & import tags!

Tip: iLivestock has 3 colours to tell you what accessories are connected to your app.

Pink - eWeigh only

Blue - Stick reader only

Green - eWeigh & Stick reader