Sheep Movements and Sales

How to register movements/sales for single sheep/groups

Sheep movement

Available on

  1. View the animal you wish to relocate
  2. Press the iLivestock button and select 'Compliance' and then 'Movement'
  3. From here, you can select either Sale / Movement / Movement Internal
  4. A form should appear for you to fill in the appropriate details
  5. Press 'Save' and you will then be taken back to the Animal Summary
  6. Scroll down to the 'Events' header, and press the (i) button to view the form
  7. From here you can email/share the movement or sale form

Group Movement

  1. Add the animals you wish to move together to a group of its own
  2. View the group you are moving
  3. Press the floating action button and select 'Movement'
  4. Copy steps above from 3 to 7!