iOS: eWeigh Remote Control with EID Reader

Information about using your Agrident Stick Reader as a remote controller with eWeigh and iLivestock iOS

eweigh remote

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Using your stick reader as a controller with eWeigh is a piece of cake! When weighing, once an animal weight has been locked in you'll get a message on your stick reader asking if you wish to 'Record' or 'Reweigh'. For instructions on how to set this up, see below:

  1. Connect your stick reader via 'Admin' > 'Scan BLE'
  2. Then select 'AWR AWL' > 'Stickreader Features'
  3. From here you can switch on (or off) the 'eWeigh Remote Control'
  4. Switch your stick off and on again to confirm changes

Note: eWeigh remote control is DISABLED by default!