iOS: CSV Full Database Import (South Africa)

How to import CSV files to iLivestock to gain a full database

Reflector Recording

CSV import templates for all locales that use a ',' as a decimal separator (e.g. R 99,99) can be found by:

  1. Go to 'Admin' menu tab
  2. Press 'Reporting'
  3. Select 'CSV Import Template'
  4. Choose a way to share them to another device or 'Save to Files'

Data import must be imported in the following order as later imports may depend on earlier ones. Order and download links below ↓

  1. Breeds
  2. Holdings
  3. Cattle
  4. Sheep
  5. Metrics
  6. Groups
  7. Wool

Note: When you download and open the template files, they each have instructions on how to correctly enter the data to enable a successful import. If you're having issues importing, check these first!

When you are finished entering data in to the templates:

  1. Export the file as a 'CSV' file on your PC/device
  2. Share or send to your device that has the iLivestock app
  3. Open with iLivestock