iOS: Bi-Directional Communication

Information about Bi-Directional communication messages between BLE stick readers and the iLivestock app

Bi-Directional communication allows messages to be sent from the iLivestock app to the reader such as 'Flagged' animals.

You might want this disabled if you don't want any interruptions when weighing and scanning with auto record.

bidiretional comms

  1. Start up the iLivestock app and head to the 'Admin' menu tab
  2. Select 'EID Readers' and then 'Scan BLE' to find your stick reader
  3. Once connected, press 'AWR AWL' and then 'Stickreader Features'
  4. From here, you can alter the switch to either 'On / Off'

Note: Bi-Directional Communication is DISABLED by default!

Note: If you switch this feature off, you'll still get the 'iLivestock Connected!' message on your stick reader.