iOS: Adding a New Device to iLivestock

Adding a new device to your iLivestock account to data share

  1. On the current 'Master' device, go to Data Share and select 'Publish Database'
  2. Download iLivestock ( on the new device and login using existing credentials (email and password)
  3. Go to 'iLivestock Online' and enter 6 digit uppercase alpha character code in 'Enter Code'
  4. Go to 'Datashare', the device will be in 'Slave' mode and select 'Refresh Database'. This will "pull" all the data across from the existing device onto the new device
  5. Go to 'My Account' on and login using email and password
  6. Click on 6 digit uppercase alpha character code which is highlighted in blue and then click on 'Set as Master' next to the new device

Tip: At the point of setting the new device as 'Master' it would be worthwhile giving each device a nickname as the unique ID used to reference each device automatically is not recognisable!