I need help with an issue

Ways to raise a support ticket and get help as quickly as possible

For us to help you as quickly as possible, you can give our engineering team a helping hand by including information such as:

  • Device model and operating system version
  • Steps to recreate the issue
  • Hardware used / and firmware version (if known)
  • Screenshots / screen recordings where possible

Contact us straight through the app by raising a support request

This option will have your database (if available) attached to the email in a file for us to check, and also all relevant device info like the app version & iOS version:

  1. Go to the 'Admin' menu tab
  2. Press the iLivestock button
  3. Select 'Email Support', pop in a description of the issue you are having and mail it to us!

Send us a chat

You can send a support query through our live chat! You'll get a response from a real person as quickly as possible. Our chat bot is available between the hours of 8 30am - 5 30pm.
If you're looking for the chat bot and can't find it, try here!

It will look like this ↓

Screenshot 2020-07-15 at 10.18.11

Send us an email

You can also send us a support query through email here