eWeigh Pairing & Registering

How to pair and register your eWeigh to your device

How to Pair & Register eWeigh

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When you first start the app, you'll need to pair and register your eWeigh - it's super easy!

  1. Enable Bluetooth on your device
  2. Start up iLivestock and switch on your eWeigh
  3. Navigate to the 'eWeigh' menu tab at the bottom right hand side
  4. Select eWeigh Registration. Your eWeigh serial details should appear here when connected. You'll know it's connected when the top bar in the app turns pink, or green if you have a stick reader connected too!
  5. Press 'Register eWeigh'

Caution: Do not try to pair your eWeigh with your device's Bluetooth feature!

If you have tried to pair this way, simply remove eWeigh from the list of paired devices in your device Bluetooth settings.

If you're having an issue connecting eWeigh, try having a look here for more suggestions to fix.

Tip: iLivestock has 3 colours to tell you what accessories are connected to your app

Pink - eWeigh only

Blue - EID only

Green - eWeigh & EID