iOS: How to pair an Allflex LPR

Pairing the LPR reader can be a bit tricky at times.


Action Required on LPR Reader - Stage 1

1 - Switch the unit on by pressing and releasing the "scan" button, you should see a red light and it should beep once.

2- Make sure the reader doesn't turn off whilst trying to pair ( Automatic shut down after 2 minutes)

Action required on Smartphone - Stage 2 

  1. Make sure your bluetooth on the iOS device is switched on.
  2. Below this you should see the device "LPR" show up
  3. Select this and type in the pin 1234.
  4. This should now show as paired.
  5. Open iLivestock and the top bar should be showing as "blue".



Having Issues with Reading EID Tags?

If you can connect to your LPR but cannot get tags to read into iLivestock please make sure your device is in Master mode and not slave.


Extra Notes: