Weighing With eWeigh

A simple guide on weighing with eWeigh

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This display shows what eWeigh will look like with no stick reader attached, this is for search and select purposes. To find out more about weighing combined with a stick reader, have a look here!
  • Informative display while weighing:
    • EID number
    • Visual number
    • Last weight & daily gain
    • Graph view for gain and loss patterns - iOS & Android
  • Never Lock - Beneficial if you just want a rough estimated weight. Select 'Never Lock' and load the animal in to the platform, no need to select an animal or record
  • Zero Scales will reset the scale and eWeigh state
  • iLivestock floating action button - here you can add a new animal while weighing
  • Once the weight is stable, and if an animal has been selected, then you'll move to the screen below ↓

IMG_0439Locking in

  • Record will save the the weight against that animal and will display as the most recent recorded metric
  • Reweigh button will flash if the weight that's locked in has changed by 20% either up or down. Click here to find out more!
  • iLivestock floating action button - here you can view the animal that has the weight locked against it!