Self Calibration

How to set up Self Calibration with your eWeigh Unit

eWeigh - Self Calibration

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For first time setup with Self Calibration, you will need to follow these set up preferences → Accuracy / Cattle / Other - Self Calibration

Once you've set up your calibration with the above, you can then adjust your set up for Sheep / Balanced or Speed. Read below to find out how to self calibrate the weight:

  1. Place a fixed weight onto the weigh platform (we recommend 50Kg, minimum 25Kg), we recommend using a calibrated weight, however, any static item with a known weight (e.g. bag of feed or minerals) can be used
  2. Once the weight is in and is stable, the iLivestock application will ask you for the 'Correct Weight'
  3. Once you enter the new weight press 'OK'
  4. You should now be good to go!

Very important notes to remember:

  • Make sure your load cells are plugged into the eWeigh Unit
  • The stable weight displayed before you are prompted to enter the correct weight will look strange/out
  • Check that you and no one else is in contact with the crush/weighing area - no leaning or touching!
  • Anything that will shift the centre of gravity of the crush also has an impact on the self calibrated reading (e.g swing door) make sure once the weight is in the crush that all doors are closed
  • How to clear your eWeigh Calibration - Click here